Welcome to The Solution Shop, a full-service,
digital production studio with a focus on sales
and marketing.

Our portfolio includes projects where we were responsible for the development of marketing
ideas as well as the communication tools that
were needed to launch the ideas we had created
in the first place. Our effective campaigns are capable of increasing sales, improving ones brand and making you more profitable in the process.

We are dedicated to helping your firm create a splash in the business community with one of
our high-quality, full impact marketing programs
and all of the great ideas that comes with it.

So be it brand marketing, a sales plan or a
product launch, we can make it a success.
We're a self-starting marketing machine that
once we commit to helping your firm make sales, you can relax knowing the job will get done.

The Solution Shop offers a great fit for startups and young companies who seek to position themselves for growth in today's competitive marketplace.

Solution Shop is a division of The Performance Center, a marketing agency specializing in the creation of custom-designed marketing programs for healthy business, healthy kids and healthy homes.