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TPC designs Test Market for XEROX and it "Works Like a Charm"

TPC launches The Business Center for HILTON Flagship hotel.

TPC supports Jobs 4 Vets

TPC volunteers as an examiner for RMPeX Baldrige Award

TPC launches Inaugural
Colorado Corporate
Tennis Challenge

TPC volunteers at Food Pantry

TPC launches WebLocker

TPC now offers Cloud computing services


CASE STUDIES tell business-based success stories to point out the genius that took place during these interesting business situations. They occurred whne time, energy, and great ideas all come together to create amazing chemistry and results. When that happens in business, the results show up in strong teamwork, a sense of accomplishment and impactful sales and profits.

The results in these CASE STUDIES givea real testament to the power of working together. It is impressive to see what can happen when a group of dedicated professionals unite under a common understanding that "This Is It!" (6-12-24 month time periods) and they have the proper tools to make something special happen.

As you read these CASE STUDIES, remember, the time to make something special happen upon us and we accepted the challenge and ran with it! Amazing results were produced in the form of sales, new services, increased revenues, huge profits and job creation. All indicators show that the projects were successful and when one can accomplish their stated goals of helping the company grow and help people achieve new levels of success as well, then it is a journey worth taking!















Chicago Hilton & Towers Business Center

The Hilton Corporation closed their doors to their premiere Chicago lakefront convention hotel property, located @ 720 S. Michigan Blvd. For a year and a half, they gutted and renovated the old Conrad Hilton Hotel with one of the greatest "extreme make-overs" ever! And when they reopened, they had created the palace known as the Chicago Hilton & Towers Hotel. This $100 million dollar commitment to excellence selected Jim Brown, CEO of The Performance Center to put into practice, Jim's vision of the ultimate productivity center for traveling business executives.

This high-tech productivity center included everything from document creation, document duplication, transcription service, secretarial service, graphics, presentation development, and also included industry leading sales and marketing consultation to assist with project management. These services along with a full team of support personnel were dedicated to providing the best service and results possible.

The Business Center, as it became known, was a concept that I conceptualized and designed as attempting to find a way to upgrade the level of service to the Hilton's patrons at this flagship property. In using my creative business intelligence, I was able to look at the situation and deduce that Hilton Management was looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

My team was worthy of getting the nod for both installing the Business Center and to include the audio-visual services of my dear friend, the late Bill Malloy. Bill brought in his audio visual rental company and together, we coexisted within the walls of the Business Center. By presenting to Bill Smith, Eric Long and the rest of the executive team, I was able to show how The Business Center could help the Hilton Corporation achieve some of their aggressive sales and growth projections which included attracting large meeting and convention travel to their prized jewel along the lakefront of Chicago.

It was a privilege to have been chosen to lead this project from conception to installation; from the hiring to the training of some of the best service people in Chicago. A special Thanks goes out to Bill Karabel, a good friend and a class act who took the ball and ran the center on a day-to-day so I could go move back to the 'burbs to help raise my kids.













United Airlines

Truly a case of where necessity met the mother of invention. As you know, the airline industry is famous for its excellent employee benefits and since I was looking to join forces with an airline, I needed something spectacular to help get me noticed so I could move into the airline industry. Upon extensive research and after several interviews, I created a dazzling multimedia production using touch-screen technology to present a concept I referred to as RES/TV.

This communication system powered an awesome inter-active look at all of the great benifits and inside "deals" that permeated around the world that were reserved for airline employees. Some of my favorites were the $25 Para Sailing trip in Honolulu and the $5 tickets to UnderWater World in San Francisco Bay.



















As a Board Member for this prestigious 15 Year Old World Series event, the goal of MCYSA was simple, to create the best event possible for the players, parents, coaches and fans. We implemented a marketing program to improve communication as to what was happening on the field to all of those involved. First, we did so with hand held palm pilots which we used to aid in the scorekeepping process so we could upload results instantly. And then we also improved the quality of the Program Books so as to improve the overall image of the event. And finally, we Cybercasted the games over the Internet. We also included a Sports Expo and a Baseball Training Center where Player and Coaches could sample the latest products, services and nutritional products.














Global Sports Network

I had been involved with broadcasting a CABA World Series game, when a Dad of the starting pitcher from the California team emailed the broadcast booth and wrote, "I can't believe I'm watching my SON pitch against Team JAPAN in the Showcase game. While I wish I could be there, this chance to watch the cybercast via the Internet is the next best thing and I just wanted to Thank you for giving me this chance to see him pitch. It is a tremendous thrill. Signed, Colonel Smith, Baghdad, Iraq.

Taking camera's, cables and computers to where ever the event happened to be is not as glorious a role as it may appear to be. Having said that, it was a 2 year project that beckoned to be done and I am honored to have been the one who got to do it. This was a classic one-two combo with marketing handling the vision, the creation of the communication tools and production teaming with IT to wire the cameras with the cables to the computers while connecting to the Internet and patching it together with software to stream the audio and video signal captured in gyms, clubs and fields scattered throughout the northwest suburbs of Chicago. We capitalized on knowing how to use the 3C's of Cybercasting and once we had the proper bandwidth, we were able to share these local events with the rest of the world.

The fact that we allowed kids who were participating to share their on-field experience with those who mattered most to them, that being their moms, dads, grandparents, friends and neighbors, made the events that much more special. For who could not attend the event but could log on from their office or hotel room, they were able to see their favorite players in action. Even the elderly who couldn't drive to the event would now have a way to stay connected. After the event, players were able to go online and order a permanent record of their performance.

A special Thanks to Tim Carone for sharing his genius and making this project one of the best ever! Taking local sporting events and broadcasting them over the internet proved to be a worthwhile venture.








Fitness Zone 4 Kids

In a plan the was designed to provide kids of all ages the basic understanding of key core principles such as conditioning, exercise, strength training, portion control, counting calories and reading packaging to name a few, we used a 3 hour orientation to introduce the kids to the program. Each child that went through the program was rewarded with a certificate to honor their accomplishment.

A special Thanks goes out to Jay Morgan and the staff at The South Barrington Park District as they played a key role in launching the Fitness Zone.



Fletcher Championships

Special Thanks to Scotty Fletcher and his youthful enthusiasm for doing it right! From the onset, there was tremendous chemistry and a willingness to make these Championships that best ever! And for all of the kids (thousands) you don't know how lucky you were to have had the chance to experience a Fletcher Championship!

The Fletcher Baseball staff played a key role in launching the two nationally recognized events, one for the 14 year olds and the other in St Petersburg, FLA for the 16 and 18 year olds. Everyone involved deserves high praise for their efforts. The Championships included an all-out full-court press on getting teams, playing the games and crowning winners in what many say is the greatest team sport an individual can play!

The plan was designed to provide kids of all ages the basic understanding of key core skills such as hitting, pitching, catching, throwing, running and playing defense and as it turned out, the kids learned so much more!


Comcast Business Services

Truly a case of being in the right place at the right time. In 2005, Comcast Cable TV announced they were going to begin offering some basic services to businesses. I was hired and took the ball and ran with it for 5 years and saw CBS grow from 30 reps to over 200 and go from $300,000 in revenue during our first year to over a Billion dollars in revenue in Year 6. The Performance Center has been educating the business community on how to use the technology tools up to that point only they were different tools. Things like web pages, email, digital printing, one-to-one marketing and direct mail were the talk of the marketing departments water cooler back then. Now its all about mobile, digital, cloud and other new technologies that offer increased productivity, improved communication and increases in sales. TPC commits to positively impact your bottom line and if we can help you like we have helped over 1,000 small and medium sized business get connected to a faster way, you will be another satisfied customer.


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