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Cybercasting events and streaming content is now practical to, stream content and cybercast live events. The technolgy is relatively simple compared to the old days so we can now broadcast events, games, concerts, speeches and other events over the Internet.

With wireless internet and wireless cameras, delivering a feed and sending it over the Internet is now a piece of cake.

Take a look at the following events and enjoy the fact you can now make a huge impact on many lives by using state-of-the-art and leading edge cycber casting technology. Our live event cybercasting package includes everything from pre event planning to post production video editing. If you would like to discuss your next event and how you can generate sales via digital marketing and online ordering, give us a call.

This could be the one event you won't ever want to miss . . . over and over again!


CABA World Series was an event that had heart-warming stories from beginning to end. There was the team from Japan that would showcase their skills and customs while being home-stayed with families from Crystal Lake during the duration of the 10 day event.

Or when we filled 40 chartered buses with kids from Japan, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Canada and kids from all across the 50 states and took them down to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs play or when we took them to US Cellular FIeld to see the White Sox play or another year, we took them to Miller Park in Milwaukee to see the Brewers play.

Each year, we would depart from the Holiday Inn in Crystal Lake, IL to take these kids to see their very first professional baseball game and "Oh, what a thrill! to see their faces when they walked into the park and saw the green infield grass for the very first time.

Or how about when the parents could not accompany them to Crystal Lake but they were allowed to see their kids play on the Internet as our Global Sports Network would cybercast the games for them to see.

Special Thanks to Joe DiMaggio and Enrico Heirmann for making this 15 year old World Series event the best in the country. There are others to THANK as well. Jack Sebesta, the Sabos, Eric Raucci, the Board, Vince Foglia, the volunteers, the CLPD, Tim Carone and all of the sponsors that worked so diligently to get er done! This special event has been held annually in Crystal Lake, IL for the past 20 years and it is truly an Olympic-Styled event.


Cybercasting kids sporting events offers parents a chance to see their kids perform when they otherwise would not have been able to go. This technology also gives the children a chance to play under the bright lights of the big time cyber broadcast. This combination of vision and technology provids the setting for some very special memories to happen.

TPC production staff brings the cameras, cables, and computers and by connecting them all to the Internet, we are able to stream the audio and video signal captured in gyms, clubs, concert halls and on any field in the world.

Allowing kids to share their on-field experience with those who matter most to them, that being their moms, dads, grandparents, friends and neighbors, have made cybercasting these events that much more special. Especially for those who wanted to be there in person but for some reason, could not attend the event. Now, through cybercast technology, they were able to log on from their home, office or hotel room. Even the elderly who couldn't drive to the event now have a way to stay connected and see their favorite players in action. After the event, players are able to go online and order a DVD of their performance for training purposes or just for the memory!

A special Thanks to Tim Carone for sharing his genius and making this project one of the best ever! Taking local sporting events and broadcasting them over the internet proved to be a worthwhile venture.












Special Thanks to Scotty Fletcher and his youthful enthusiasm for doing it right! From the onset, Fletcher Baseball was committed to providing a big league stage for youth baseball to play on. Scott showed tremendous vision and leadership and created tremendous chemistry while showing a willingness to make these Championships that best ever! And for all of the kids (thousands) who participated, I hope you realize how how lucky you were to have had the chance to experience a Fletcher Championship! Where would we be without the FletcherTRON?

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