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The Performance Center is a consulting firm that specializes in delivering new technologies designed to increase sales, improve marketing and implement better ways to communicate.

As you continue to do business in these challenging times, it is always a good idea to reflect on what has helped you succeed and what elements may be holding you back. With new markets popping up every day, one way to improve your chance for success it to be flexible in your offerings so you can enter these new markets, and to do so quickly and efficiently.

Often, it makes more sense to create an offshoot or new entity than to try to squeeze the existing corporate ID into this new market. When looking at a new market, it pays to consider a new identity. This way you can make sure you do not detract from your core image but also open the door to attract new clients with a new look.

So what do you do next? We suggest you do an evaluation of your current corporate identity. Solidifying your corporate brand is important but sometimes, the brand may need a tweak or in some cases, a total make-over. We will assess how the market views your company, its image and its brand. We will also assess new opportunities in new markets for your existing products and services. And we will also present a case for offering new products and services.

The TPC Corporate Identity program will tell you what a new look or new division may do to help open up new markets. When you keep an open mind, you will see how diversifying your image allows you to enter new segments of the market which can bring in new classes of clientele.

By implementing a strategy and a brand for the new social media phenomenon, you will be able to see how a new look will attract new customers from the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, 4 Square, and other sources. Each project represents an amazing opportunity and by tapping into each, may bring your organization closer to achieving that next level of success.

Experience is only good if you can find a way to translate it into practical advice for others. Our consulting service has pointed out to 1,000 of organizations that by using new technology, new technology-based services and now the cloud, your company can improve its position in the market place and increase sales, revenues and profits. We look forward to the chance of sitting down and discussing ways technology can help point you in a new direction.


Who is your company and what message is it trying to send to its prospective clients, investors, employees and suppliers. And just as importantly, is the message one that is utilizing your resources to the best of their abilities. For example, if you are paying an employee to go visit a prospect, are they walking in with one bullet in the gun or are they bringing a full arsenal of solutions? The key is to find ways to deliver solutions and do so in a way that it improves the image to both employees, stockholders and the public. sees are two different things.

How your company is perceived when one hears your message and sees your image is crucial to its overall success. This gets communicated with everything from a logo, a web site, the way someone answers the phone when a client calls to the quality of the service being delivered. There is also a way in which employees treat outsiders. That also conveys a strong message as to who the company really is. If an employee fails to reach out and return a phone call, it sends a message. If an potential candidate is not treated with respect, that sends a message. If a company treats it employees with respect, that too sends a message. Each step either taking the company one step closer or farther away from achieving its overall goal of being received into the market as a champion.

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