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The Marketing Playbook delivers effective ways to use technology to improve your company's ability to communicate to prospects and existing clients. Our Game Plan delivers results like more sales, better service and ways to insure a greater customer experience.

The Marketing Playbook offers creative ways to use advanced technology to improve your company's bottom line. The Playbook can help with ways to use social media, text marketing, mobile marketing, special events, promotions and even set up a PayPal account to collect funds.

Our Mobile Marketing Playbook identifies ways to use mobile technology to help launch your next new product, service or promotional idea. Our goal is to help you grab the attention of your prospects and promote a positive action that will result in a sale using smart phones. We create ways for you to increase sales by moving you into new markets or growing existing markets with new and exciting offers.

TPC Marketing takes full advantage of all of the benefits of advanced technology. When it comes to helping market your company's products and services, TPC Marketing implements all facets of the technology spectrum and one of the channels is in digital communication.

First we agree on the scope of our first project. Then we build the necessary pieces or ingredients to this project.

Here, you will begin to see a dramatic change in how your company thinks about implementing new technology to increase sales. One idea we like to consider in the developmental process is how can you distribute your message on a variety of different media platforms?









TPC Digital Communication offers digital message boards, powerpoint development, website development, animated GIFS, mobile app development and text marketing. These mobile services allow you to take advantage of the fact there were 1.75 billion mobile devices sold last year alone with research expert Gartner also predicting 202 million tablets are expected to be sold worldwide in 2013.









TPC Marketing now delivers world class video conferencing services to help you communicate more effectively. The BoardRoom is a state-of-the-art broadcast center designed for corporate video conferences. It's a communication center that's simply awesome! A quiet, yet totally wired video conference center with 3 sixty inch HD quality monitors are wired through the Internet to powerful workstations designed to present the latest in conferencing capabilities.

The BoardRoom's high-quality broadcast center is available for businesses to use on an hourly basis. It has the capability to enable CEO's, Executives, Managers and Business Owners to communicate to up to 12 different locations
at once.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you every step of the way. You can simply walk in, sit down and you will already be connected to the people you need to be connected to and we will do so in a professional, friendly manner.

If you would like, you can order beverages, snacks, meals, av support, recordability of the call, white board assistance, additional files like spreadsheets, powerpoints and other files can be inserted into the call for support and we have a variety of other services and amenities we can provide if needed.

The BoardRoom allows you to meet with virtually anyone, anywhere. And we can make you look like a genius, even when you may not be trying!

We deliver:
- HD Quality Video Conference Room with up to 12 locations at any one time.
- Real time conference recording capability to stream during or distribute after.
- Up to 12 locations can be conferenced in to our bridge at any 1 time.
- Unlimited access to our state-of-the-art facility during the day of your meeting.
- 60-inch, HD-quality monitors project images in a way that you have to see to believe.

When it comes to delivering results, the BoardRoom guarantees your next meeting will be a huge success! Click Here for more details.

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